Say hello to the crew at The Lone Star Saloon, they're a friendly bunch.


charlie evans

I was born in the wagon of a travelling show, my momma used to dance for the money they’d throw. Actually I was born in Sydney, I moved to the U.S in 2001. I have been working in gay bars for 30 years and I love my job. Spending time with my partner and my passion for painting keep me sane. It has always been a dream of mine to own a bar in San Francisco and it’s coming true in the most fantastic way, The Lone Star Saloon.


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bruce jennison

Bruce is a Northern California native.  He moved to San Francisco after meeting his husband at the Lone Star Saloon twenty five years ago. Bruce has been a bartender in The City for  twenty three years, fifteen of those at the Lone Star.

It has been a dream of his to own a bar, and becoming an owner of the Lone Star is the best possible realization of that dream.